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How to root your android phone with twrp! (1 Viewer)

James Charles

Hey Sisters
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How To Root Almost Any Android Device Using Magisk!
DISCLAIMER! This Will Trip The Knox On Your Phone! Use This Guide At Your Own Risk! & I Hold No Issues You Face In This Tut!

The Things You Need:
  • A Custom Recovery On Your Phone Already Done(Like TWRP) If Not, Find The Gold Arrow!
  • Magisk Files (Payload & Application Manager)
I Will Be Using A Samsung S6 128gb (Model Number: SM-G920I )& TWRP Custom Recovery
Let's Go!
  1. Go Ahead And Install The Magisk Manager On Your Phone With The APK I have Gave You!
  2. Once You Installed The Manager, Go Boot Into Your Custom Recovery. To Boot, Turn The Phone Off And Press, Vol+, Home, And Power. Once You See The Manufacture Boot up, Let Go And Still Hold Down On Vol+, Home. And Then You Should See TWRP!
  3. Once On The Main Menu, Click On Install And Locate That Magisk File That I Provided, Then Swipe To Install! After That, Hit Reboot!
MAGIC! You Have Rooted Your Phone! Open Your Phone And You Should See Both Ticks Are Green, To Check If It's Working. Download A Root Checker!

--> HOLD The Phone, If You Want To Know How To Install The Custom Recovery, Here You Go,
For This, Were Going To Install TWRP To Your Phone!
The Things You Need Are:

  • A Computer That Works (XP To Win10)
  • USB Cable
  • Your Android Phone
  • Oden & Drivers For Your Phone
Lets Get Started:
Phone Prep:

  1. Turn On Your Phone And Go To Settings, About , Software Settings (If You See A Build Number In About, Don't Go Into Software)
  2. Make Note Of Your Model Number, Than Press Build 7 Times To Enable "Developer Settings"
  3. Open The Dev Settings And Enable OEM Unlocking (If You Dont See That, Your Safe!)
  4. You Want To Enable USB Debug! Once Enable, Turn Off The Phone
How To Install
  1. On Your Computer, Go To This URL -->
  2. Click On Devices, And Type In Your Phone In The Lookup Bar Your Phone And Press Enter. Click On Your Device!
  3. You Wanta Go Down To The Downloads Section On The Website, And Find The Model Number That Matches On The Website! (Mines In International)
  4. If Your In America, Download The Primary, If In Europe, Select The Primary!
  5. Download Odim That I Have Provided
  6. Once The TWRP For Your Phone & Odin Unzip Odin And Launch It In Admin Perms.
  7. Before Anything, Set Your Phone On Download Mode, (On Boot Vol-, Home Button And Power) See A Warning Press Vol+
  8. Once Done That, If You See A Message, Click Yes! If You See Your Phone On The List That is Blue Continue, If Not, Download Your Phone Drivers!
  9. If You See Odin, Click "AP" And Find Where You Put That File From! And Click Start!
  10. If Your Phone Restarts And The Software Says Pass! You Now Have A Custom Recovery On Your Phone! How You Can Follow The Magisk Tut!
Download Section:
Magisk Manager
Magisk Main
Samsung Drivers (For Samsung Devices)

Enjoy This Root Tut!

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