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[leak] rsocks proxy checker 2.0.7 4000+ cpm- free software for proxy checking (2 Viewers)


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RSocks Proxy Checker - assistant in working with proxy servers. The program checks the proxy list and sorts them by parameters. With the help of filters and intagral features of the program, you can configure a proxy checker to work more efficiently with our service as possible, or to test any other proxy.

The functional of the program allows you to checks, the following indicators::
  • calculation of the speed of the proxy

  • definition of a PTR record

  • presence of a proxy in Spamhaus databases

  • definition of real IP

  • country definition

Here is what it can at the moment:
  • The check is carried out in three types:
    1. GET request for the specified link
    2. a simple TCP connection to the specified host and port
    3. SMTP dialog with the specified smtp server
  • Support for protocols: http (s), socks4 (a), socks5
  • Download proxies from links or from files.
  • Definition of the country (later we will realize the city).
  • Check for databases in the spamhouse.
  • Definition of the real ip and its ptr record.
  • Checking the https proxy for anonymity.
  • Proxy speed, for this in the settings, specify a direct link to some file or picture on the Internet.
  • By default, the checker determines the valid proxy address through our service, but in the settings you can change it to another public ( http: / / ) or even on your own
  • Proxy response in ms.
  • You can customize the output of the results, but rather which columns to show and which ones are not in the checker.
  • We have implemented many different filters to output the required proxies. Now you do not need to search for suitable proxies manually in their huge number, just set up the filter you need and the checker will only show them.
  • Search in the table results for any section.
  • Automatic copying when clicking on any cell
  • Selecting a cell with a double click (if you selectively select a proxy, this will help you not to reuse the already used ones)
  • Writing to a file: an excellent chip, if you need to select a proxy and automatically its data (real ip, proxy, ptr) are written to the files you need. For this, in the settings, enable this function and specify the path to the files.
  • Now you can remove the right side with the results, and generally make the checker small and compact if you like minimalism.)
  • If your minimalism turned on, and you need to switch between the proxy to copy data to the clipboard or to write to the file, then we implemented the back and forward buttons in the checker.
  • Support for Russian and English.
  • Checker auto-update.
  • Sorting by any column
  • Custom data format. You can set the format of the proxy list even for an example of this type:
  • Save the results in any manner. For example, if you want to save a proxy to a view list:
    "country": "Russia"
    "country": "Russia"
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thank you so much sir i need hq proxies rn

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