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Rust is the best game in the world! (1 Viewer)


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The game starts you in a world with a rock and torch. You may see a bunch of idiots running around on the island with you, you can either bash their skull in or actually get to building what you claim as yours! You start by making your base from hitting trees and moving up in the game with better tools and weapons as your base expands with your inventory! Many people are doing the same thing but what makes this game so different is that you have options and the options you take is how you progress till the end of the wipe! By options I mean obviously items but the allies or enemies you make in this game, these allies can come with you for another wipe or just be a part of your history! This game gets your happy or either depressed but never makes you want to stop trying, because in this game that is all you do! This game is similar to Ark but I prefer it so much more for the fact the survival is a lot harsher and the ai are not retards (My opinion). The guns in this game also keep you interested and intrigued with what they can do, starting from an Eoka (pistol one-shot shotgun) all the way to an M249 SAW or you can go primitive with a Bow or Spear! All guns have different types of ammo and all can change your style of play! This game is made by the same people who made GMOD which means that you can actually get creative as well-meaning you can make your own maps, sadly you have to buy a server but think of it as Minecraft but hardcore!!!

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